Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What is your favorite manual cutting machine?

There are several manual cutting machines on the market. Today I am going to talk about three of them.
The Cuttlebug by Provo Craft, The Grand Calibur by Spellbinders and my new favorite, The Big Shot.

The Cuttlebug was my first. I enjoyed using it until I blacklisted Provo Craft. I will no longer purchase any Provo Craft products. When I purchased the Cuttlebug, it was the only one I knew of. Since then Provo Craft has found ways to make people use only their products. It no longer comes with the C plate and it is very difficult to find one on the net. I broke mine and it took me over a month to find a new one. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped making them. They don't want us to use the wafer thin dies from other companies. Another  downside is that it does not take more than a 5-3/4" paper. There are mostly embossing folders, and few cut and  emboss dies.

The Grand Calibur- While I like this machine, it is a little awkward to bring to crops. You can fit a sheet of 8-1/2" paper and the large dies mesure about 8-3/4". I have yet to use the grand dies. It does not however take the Sizzix original dies, nor can you cut more than one or two sheets at a time. So I can't use my sizzix dies.

The Big Shot- Now there is a machine. It does not weigh much and fits nicely in it's own bag or any shopping bag. This makes it easy to take to crops. It takes sheets of paper of about 6-1/8" which is about the maximum size I use anyway. We can still use all the spellbinder dies (except the largest grand dies). With the original sizzix dies you can cut many sheets at one time. The only down side I can find is that one has to order the embossing pad separately, but Stampin' Up! sells them and you can order it from me!
Also, Stampin' Up! has it's own exclusif dies which are gorgeous and they coordinate with many of their exclusif stamp sets. . I especially love the top note.
So of course, The Big Shot is now my favorite machine!
If you want to order the Big Shot or already have a die cutting machine and want some of Stampin' Up!'s exclusif stamps or dies, call me an I will tell you how you can get Stampin' Up! products free!

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